Founders Initiative

This initiative grew from one idea. A single idea to connect youth with people who have extensive skills and knowledge in a wide variety of fields. This idea was driven to reality by David Nunn, who reached out to his networks and the wider community to share his idea and bring the right people together. The right people are those prepared to volunteer their time to share skills, knowledge and experience in face to face experiential sessions, for the betterment of the youth in our community.

The online portal and the building is a hub for people who want to work with Youth to teach skills.

David has named the hub after his great friend and mentor - Terry Purcell.


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High-Risk Solutions

HRS is an innovative company that has a reputation for delivering the goods the first time, providing access solutions through scaffolding, rigging, work at height safety, and specialist equipment.

High Risk Solutions team continuously strives to improve on the services they deliver and has implemented successful project teams for large, one-off projects. The development of such teams is possible through industry partners that work closely with the company.

Community and hard work; High Risk Solutions is focused on having a long lasting and positive impact through their community contribution.

Kdoo Software Solutions

KDOO Software Solutions designs bespoke and practical digital solutions to build business capacity for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

 Kdoo designs develop and deliver web and mobile applications that drive today’s businesses, ameliorate business capability, reduce customer acquisition lead times, accelerate top-line growth, create a better brand, and innovate solutions beyond your competitors.

Community: our mission is to provide access, tools and the knowledge to educate and innovate using technology.

Odoo • Image and Text